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A Perfect Restaurant

Indian food comes with variety in spice and taste.

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Indian Spice

India, a country that is steeped in heritage and tradition, is well known all over the world for its spices. It was the nerve center of the spice trade and it is these very spices that led to various countries invading India as well as the discovery of the Americas by Columbus.
Spices, something that none of us can go without these days, have ruled over the minds and hearts of men and women for quite a while now. Even today, spices would be perhaps one of the foremost things that most of the world would associate with the sub-continent.
Taste the real Indian spice at our restaurant.

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Canadian’s typically eat only one-third of the recommended daily intake (three servings instead of nine) of fruits and vegetables, so if you’re in a bind, a vegetable in any form is better than no vegetable at all.
And as winter approaches, fresh produce is limited—or expensive—in much of the country, which forces many of us to turn to canned or frozen options. We at The Turmeric use fresh real vegetables for all our food items to make the Taste real good.
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